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Presentations and Sessions - Looking for the schedule? Podcamp Philly Schedule with Sessions and Events


User-created content is changing the business landscape of media. The sessions at PodCamp Philly focus on educating individuals and companies about how to produce high quality digital content, grow a loyal audience, and market or monetize that content in creative ways.


Who Can Speak at PodCamp Philly?


You can. Yes, you. Everyone can. Unlike a regular conference where speaking slots are allotted only to the highest bidder, Unconferences are by you, for you. If you don't see a session here that you want, create one and present it! Share what you know and your fellow participants will do the same.


To add a session, simply select the EDIT PAGE button above and add your session information to the page.



The editing password is share.



Please Add Your Session Below.



NEW  September 5


If you would still like to add a session, we'd love to have you come speak.

Please send an email to whitney@podcampphilly.com

We'll add it on the fly, but it won't be in the printed schedule for all attendees.


If you aren't comfortable with the grid, place your session in the "no specified track" list. You needn't keep to a "track" to speak!


If you feel you need more than 45 minutes for your session and want to present an extended workshop, feel free to do so -- but please indicate any double sessions in your course description.


The Law of Two Feet


Simply put: your experience at PodCamp is what you want it to be. At any time, if you're not learning what you want to learn, if you're not getting what you need, you have every right to depart the session you're in and move to a different one, or none at all.


Types of Sessions and Presentations


  • Presentation: 45 minutes in a room of your peers. Help us all learn something new... The intelligence is in the room... discuss a topic that interests you... get everyone involved...
  • Panel discussion: 45 minutes with lots of smart people answering your burning questions from a variety of perspectives. How great is that?
  • Lightning Talk: 5-minute impromptu talk in a quiet corner on a gem you've discovered and want to share.
  • Workshops: Want to show people how to edit audio or do something that will take longer than a 45 minute session? That's Great! Share your skills with others and take advantage of the facilities available at Drexel, including classrooms with computers provided for everyone's use!




Track 1: Audio & Video Podcasting 101 - A to Z for Beginners - Getting up to speed fast!

Track 2: Attracting & Growing Your Audience - Connecting to your audience & guerilla marketing

Track 3: The Business of Podcasting & New Media - Monetization & New Media in corporations

Track 4: Advanced Audio & Video Production - Advanced "how-to" techniques

Track 5: New Media for Educators & Musicians - Specific sessions for each

Track 6: Building Community - Building community and creative group participation

Track 7: Podcasting in K-12 Education


List of Sessions Offered



HERE  is the OFFICIAL SCHEDULE - Please update this schedule. 



Please DO NOT BUMP anyone from a slot. You may ADD to currently open slots or You can trade with somone if you contact them directly and they are agreeable. 






This was just the original list of ideas...to be on the schedule you MUST update the Official Schedule-  See above...

Title Description Presenter Track
The Five P's of Podcasting Anyone who has spent any time around marketers has probably heard about the profession's "Four P's" ==>product, price, place and promotion. Well, Podcasting has its own P's : Passion, Playing, Planning, Producing, Promoting Lisa B. Marshall 1
Hosted vs. Independent Solution The differences between using a hosted podcasting solution such as libsyn.com, podomatic.com, blip.tv and using an independent solution using your own blog, your own RSS feed. Each participant will receive a checklist and understand the benefits and drawbacks to using each solution. Leesa Barnes Not attending 1
Thinking Like A Producer: What we've learned so far making MarylandZoo.TV As a new media producer - you have to think of every detail. What are some keys to thinking like a producer? Come and see some of the things we've learned by making MarylandZoo.TV We will talk about video formats - music - "cinematic moments" - audio - and promotion ideas. Leading the session is Joel Mark Witt - the producer of FolkMedia.org a new media podcast and MarylandZoo.TV. 1
GarageBand Nirvana A basic intro to GarageBand, the audio editing software that ships with every Macintosh as part of the iLife bundle. Got a Mac? Get started with producing your own audio now. Jen Yuan from InTheNo: The 1000 Times No Podcast 1
What do all those knobs do? Basic guidelines for audio recording: Mixers, microphones, audio settings., etc. Rand Bradbury - BestDamnTech.com and RoadieShow.com 1
Introduction to Video Production Fundamentals The basic elements of good audio and video production will be presented in a highly interactive format with demonstration, questions, and answers. Emphasis will be on getting good results from inexpensive gear. David Tames 1
Did the stork bring the podcast? An intro to how podcasts, videocasts, and other content are created and delivered.  What makes a podcast a podcast?  How is podcasting like, or unlike, content from blogs, vlogs, streaming audio/video, radio, or television? What is RSS, and how is it involved in "subscribing" to shows?  Haven't created a podcast yet?  This talk is for you. Jen Yuan from InTheNo: The 1000 Times No Podcast 1
Live Interactive Podcasting Want to better connect with your audience? Then try Live Interactive Podcasting where you can talk with your podcast listeners. Talk, text-chat, see-who's-talking, host controls, and recording. 1000s of people can participate live via telephone, VoIP, Skype, mobile phone, or live streaming. Mark Juliano from TalkShoe 2
Marketing your Stuff Want to build audience? 5 Strategies to build audience: multiplier, 1 degree/FOAF, prediction, Google, 1 click Christopher Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast and Marketing Over Coffee 2
Social Networking 101 Which social network is right for you? The answer isn't just the fad of the day. Christopher Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast and the Student Loan Network 2
Developing Your Elevator Pitch - A workshop style session As a podcaster - blogger - or new media creator - how do you tell other people what it is you do? We'll cover the art of giving an elevator pitch simply and clearly. Don't know what an elevator pitch is? Then this session is definitely for you. Don't know what an elevator is? Well - no help here. Come prepared to actually practice giving your own elevator pitch. Leading the session is Joel Mark Witt - the producer of FolkMedia.org a new media podcast and MarylandZoo.TV. 2

Corporate Podcasting:

Panel Discussion

Examples and lessons learned from Corporate Podcasts

Moderator, Lisa B. Marshall; panelist #1 - Steve Lubetkin, managing partner, Professional Podcasts LLC, panelist #2 - Joel Mark Witt, producer of FolkMedia.org and MarylandZoo.TV - Panelist 3 - Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast and the Student Loan Network - Panelist 4 - Paul Kontonis, CEO and Founder of For Your Imagination   

Panelist 5 - Steve Butler, Program Director, KYW Newsradio



ADM The new Association for Downloadable Media will be presenting. Find out about this important new industry association, how it will benefit you, and why you should join. Matthew Snodgrass, VP Digital Media, Porter Novelli; Board Member, ADM 3
Podcasting for Profit 3 Ways Individuals & Businesses Can Generate An Income Through Audio & Video Podcasting. This session is NOT based on any specific tool, service or product. Instead, you'll learn how to make money podcasting based on 3 key methods. This is an interactive session, so come prepared to be an active participant, not a passive observer. Leesa Barnes Not attending 3
High Impact New Media Mistakes to avoid and ideas to consider when incorporating new media as part of a PR and marketing strategy for businesses, organizations, events, music and even personal projects.

Mark Blevis, C. C. Chapman and Linda Mills

Your Podcast Statistics Let's talk about tools and techniques that you can use to get a handle on the size and general makeup of your audience.

Rob Safuto - RawVoice, New York Minute Show


Help...I hate the sound of my voice
Tips and one-on-one coaching for improving your vocal quality including how to address the microphone ("Sir" is good). Rick Glasby http://www.crashbangdigital.com 4
Pro video results on a low budget Go beyond the basics of audio and video shooting and learn practical tricks and techniques that make it easy to achieve professional results with your videoblog on a shoestring budget in this highly interactive session driven by participant's questions. (assumes knowledge of basic video production techniques) David Tames 4
Editing Techniques and Decisions On special request of Whitney Hoffman... Practical examples and live demonstrations of five audio editing techniques and discussions on how to apply them. Mark Blevis 4
Low-budget interview lighting with professional results A demonstration of classic three-point lighting and discussion of several low-budget approaches to good interview lighting. Includes an overview of popular lighting kits and suggestions for putting together your own custom kit based on your specific needs. David Tames 4
Portable Podcasting: Why Don't We Do It on the Road? A case study in how to get podcasting out of your basement and away to new and different locales. Tips on portable audio equipment, on-site interviews, managing your laptop, and more. Jen Yuan from InTheNo: The 1000 Times No Podcast 4
Marketing for Musicians Marketing for musicians - understanding networks, personal branding, crowdsourcing, and just play your bloody music already and get a marketing agent. Case study included for $20. Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast and Virtual Hot Wings 5
Greater Than the Sum of its Parts Using examples of three elements that help to develop communities, I will present an understanding of Return on Influence that can be applied in both grassroots and business settings. Mark Blevis 6
Podcasting for Fandom What's the long-tail for a fandom? and can fandom themed podcasts extend life in the interest? Learn some tips and tricks on how best to cultivate interaction and community for your podcast in regards to fandom focuses. Listen to some insight on how this subject matter can differentiate itself from the commericial message. Alan Chaess 6
Net Neutrality- What? View Short documentary video on Net Neutrality. Take Action. Together we will create reponses and/or edit the video. This will be a fun community building project. Session participants 6
People - the magic ingredient of all podcasts If it's not fun, it's really not worth doing - whether as a hobby or for financial gain. In this interactive session we'll talk about proven ways to have fun podcasting, achieve rewarding results and avoid burnout - drawing on the experience of newcomers, podcasting veterans of over two-and-a-half years, and podcast consultants/producers. Mark Blevis and Andy Bilodeau 6
The Transparency Manifesto Interactive Workshop After a brief presentation on the nature of online transparency, John C. Havens (VP, Business Development/Lead Organizer for PodCampNYC/About.com Guide to Podcasting) will work with participants to come up with rules and examples of how to incorporate an effective and honest transparency campaign. John C. Havens 6
Mini-CreativeCamp and Job Searching in the new media space MaryHelen wants to talk to designers, marketers, and communicators about how podcasting and other advances in technology have been, or should be, transforming the creative industries and the job search process. Mary Helen Votral is a Career Advocate with CM Access creative and marketing representation agency, and passionate about how the times they are a-changin'. CreativeCamp has had a focus around creative design and professional art, but the conversation is unpredictable! 6


Coworking: if you can work from anywhere, you should probably think about working from a place like this


Alex Hillman will give an introduction on the coworking concept on both a local and large scale, and lead discussion on creative collaboration and the value of being in meatspace with other creatives Alex Hillman is the fearless leader behind Philly's first coworking community and space, Independents Hall. 6
Podcasting for Education How can we best use podcasting in K-12 school environments to enhance learning?

Please contact moderator if you are an educator, experienced in podcasting and interested in joining this panel:kpking@transformationed.com

Dr. Kathleen P. King

Podcast for Teachers

Fordham University

Podcasting in K-12 Classrooms Panel Discussion - Participants are educators from the School District of Philadelphia, who have produced podcasts with students. Learn from the experts and hear about their experiences with the process. SDP podcasts can be accessed at: http://podcast.phila.k12.pa.us Robert Karl, Loretta Burton, Dora DeLeon, Carol Heinsdorf, Mark Perlman, Robert Rivera-Amezola, Rita Sorrentino, Anne Tenaglia





 ADD YOUR SESSION TO THE OFFICIAL SCHEDULE -- Please do not bump anyone from slot they are in.  You may however, move into empty slots or trade with the permission of the current session leader.  Thanks for following these guidelines. 


Other Proposed Sessions: Track Not Specified


Title Description Presenter Track
It's Better with a Partner or Don't Go It Alone- Podcasting and Blogging in Groups You want to do a show, but handling it all on your own sounds daunting? Not sure you want to blog all alone? We'll show you the ways many people have teamed up to create group blogging and podcasting projects of all sizes, and used these to create Communities and Channels of Content that allow you to create more with less individual time commitment. Whitney Hoffman  
Social Networking. It's a lifestyle. Social Networking 102, 103, and beyond. It's not just for marketing. The Facebooks, The Twitter, The Myspace, the blogs, how does it all fit together? Let's talk SocNet. Drew Olanoff  
Yay Team! How to build a dream team around your passion. It'll save your life. And your passion. Drew Olanoff  
THE BOOK OF ENEMY: A BLOG-NOVEL Participate in a social media art experiment. We'll create and post videos that will end up as part of a performance piece at Axiom Gallery in Boston. Steve Garfield  
Old Media, Meet New Media; Part 1 These sessions will walk you through the basics of how publishing works, and how to effectively compete for opportunities in the industry. This will include an array of topics, including: developing a successful proposal, networking effectively, choosing the right publisher, and how to work with publishers in order to help your product succeed.The first session focuses on opportunities as an author of a print or new media product. Quincy McDonald, The McGraw-Hill Companies  
Old Media, Meet New Media; Part 2 These sessions will walk you through the basics of how publishing works, and how to effectively compete for opportunities in the industry. This will include an array of topics, including: developing a successful proposal, networking effectively, choosing the right publisher, and how to work with publishers in order to help your product succeed. The second session focuses on work as a vendor for publishing companies (for new media development, viral marketing, and work on ancillaries).

Quincy McDonald, The McGraw-Hill Companies


C.C. Chapman,


Half baked dot com Entrepreneurial Improv Theatre! Teams of 5 compete to come up with the best business plan (product, logo, marketing plan, revenue model, tagline) using a randomly chosen company name. Each team has 15 minutes, a panel of judges provide feedback. We played this at PodCampNYC and it was a awesome. (Idea stolen from the amazing Half Baked dot com session at BarCampNYCII) Eric Skiff Glitchnyc.com, clipmarks.com  


Sessions Wanted

Title Description Presenter Track
Who owns it? Who can use it? Legal basics needed for creative content contract negotiations: Intellectual property, copyrights, and trademarks can get confusing, especially in digital world. You'll learn the basics you need to know YOU??? ALL Tracks
Second Life Workshop Teach us all about Second Life and why it's an important new media tool Lynette Young (I'll do it!) Jean-Claude Bradley (I'd like to join you Lynette to talk about Drexel Island!)  


Community Building with How to expand the reach of your blog, podcast, etc. to form an interactive community;

Social Media Tools How to bring your community together through the power of social media


Video blogging -- can anybody offer a session on this?


'''Change the World, Change WebVideo Content''' - ''Small World News'' - Videoblogging from Baghdad to Mexico City -  Brian Conley and Steve Wyshywaniuk, in collaboration with Iraqi correspondents, have been producing a weekly show from Baghdad for one year. Now they are producing a similar project from Mexico City. Come hear how they do it, and how you can produce interesting and relevant video news too! Check out [http://www.AliveInBaghdad.org] and [http://www.AliveInMexico.org] if you haven't seen their work before.



If You are having trouble adding any sessions- please place your session here and we'll add it for you.


for example: Ambient Attention/Social Network Overload: How do I manage it all? Whitney Hoffman


Best Damn Tech Show, Period (live show taping) - Rand Bradbury, Adam Plante, Paul Flemming - (prefer a friday or saturday afternoon slot)


Search Engine Optimization: Make Your Website #1 In Google's Eyes - Rick Simmons, Dinkum Interactive - (requires a Saturday afternoon slot)





Studio Time

Ever wanted to try "green screen" video technology. Drexel has a green screen studio set-up and available for you to try it out! Let's create some great video using this technology.

Studio Time Slot 1 Lisa Marshall lisabmarshall.com



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