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Rich Meals for Poor Times

Page history last edited by Christopher Penn 15 years, 11 months ago

Rich Meals for Poor Times


Here's the challenge. Inspired by participants of PodCamp Boston 3 to create something at a PodCamp, rather than just learn in the abstract, PodCamp co-founder Christopher Penn has asked the new media community to create a social media cookbook, pooling the tremendous reach, resources, knowledge, and abilities of the PodCamp community together.


Project goals, in order of importance:


1. Create a book in PDF format that can quickly, effectively, and efficiently teach someone how to cook and create meals which are exceptionally low cost, but not low quality. The PDF should contain ideas, recipes, and relative cost breakdowns so that users can budget effectively. The PDF should be 8.5 x 11, black and white, so that it can be distributed to food pantries and soup kitchens for publication in the cheapest format possible, should they desire to print it out. The final product should be ready for launch at PodCamp Philly.


2. Leverage the power of the PodCamp and SearchCamp community to catapult the final product, an eBook, to as many new media and mainstream media outlets as possible, using every trick in the book we have. Let's dedicate some time at PodCamp Philly, especially with the SearchCamp folks, to put this thing in the mother of all slingshots.


3. Create additional media in audio or video formats for those individuals who have access to broadband.


What the project needs from you:


1. Recipes. Dig deep into your histories and skills. Find old Mennonite cookbooks and other sources of information, and start posting recipes in the Recipes section.


2. Science. If you know nutrition, food science, etc., contribute your knowledge.


3. Culinary skills. Take a look at the recipes and contents and figure out what simple tune-ups at exceptionally low cost can be made to tweak recipes for better results.


4. Promotion. Start identifying resources in your network that can take the final products and run far with them.


Go to Recipes


    • This project is licensed Creative Commons 3.0 US By Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike. **

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