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If you are interested in registering for Podcamp Philly 2008,

please visit our Eventbrite Registration page

By clicking here


Registration is very important.
Space and resources are limited. First come, first served.


We'll need your contact information to provide you with the most up-to-date information.


Register today by adding your name and contact information below. Once you've added your information, all you'll have to do is check in at the door! We'll assume you're coming and will plan accordingly!


Remember to include your email. After you click the blue "Edit Page" button above, you can add your email address by:


  • linking (use the point-and-click editor by clicking the link in the upper right-hand corner if it's easier) -or-
  • listing directly using the "johnsmith (at) gmail (dot) com" format to avoid spam spiders.


This allows us to keep you updated with all the details about the event by email (no spam, we promise). Also check the Podcamp Philly website for the most up to date information by clicking here.


And don't forget to visit the sessions page — we hope you'll consider sharing your knowledge!


Click here for Hotel recommendations.

If you have any additional questions about accommodations, please contact Whitney at ldpodcast@gmail.com


The editing password is "share"


Please be sure to proofread your entries and confirm any links they contain.

If you need assistance with editing the page , please drop an email to Jen at jen@podcampphilly.com.



  1. Drew Olanoff - Best Damn Tech Show, Period., scriggity.
  2. Adam Plante - Organizer. Best Damn Tech Show, Period., Roadie Show. The Philly Penn. ;)
  3. Critt Jarvis - Cool! I'll be able to show off what I learned in Boston.
  4. Lisa B. Marshall - Communication Guru and Lead Organizer for PodCamp Art of Speaking Science Blog
  5. Christopher S. Penn - just an ordinary attendee/participant. And one other thing for Drew and Adam - remember Mitch Joel's words from PodCamp Boston: Be YOU, because others are already taken.
  6. Susan Christoffersen - Philadelphia University - Christoffersens@PhilaU.edu
  7. Houston SEO - Ricky Deez will be able to attend the show. Looking forward to it.
  8. Michael Bailey - as an ordinary attendee for right now, subject to change, of course!
  9. Whitney Hoffman- I want to help and organize- I loved Podcamp Boston, and I hope we can create the same magic here!
  10. Jack Hodgson- Boston was a blast, I'm gonna try to make it to this one, too. email podcast
  11. Armando Velasquez- I missed Boston, but I definately don't want to miss Philly. I am new to all of this.
  12. About.com Guide to Podcasting. (John C. Havens) I'd love to cover this event for the site and speak about Podcast Consultation and/or Making a Living from Your Podcast Passion (still working on the title for that one). Thanks!
  13. insurance forum - A place for Insurance information and advice for consumers agents and brokers.
  14. Vic Podcaster from Silicon Valley New Media Hot From Silicon Valley (tentative). Also Organizing PodCamp West, San Francisco in Beautiful Sunny California. Will love to comeup to Philly as a parcipant and get chilled. :)
  15. Justin Kownacki, creator of the web sitcom Something to Be Desired -- as an attendee and likely presenter (blog/email)
  16. Rob Scott - Creator of the conscious evolution podcast: Fundamental Shift. Looking forward to PodCamp...
  17. Raequel aka SysTris - its about time for Philly to represent! i wanna be all kinds of down for this! just got back from the PME in sunny California and i'm hoping that we can get some stuff done on this coast - cant wait! contact me if you need/want my help thanx :)
  18. Lynette Young / SCRAPcast.com / LynetteRadio.com- attending, and planning on speaking - probably on Second Life! Always wanting to help organize!! (Bringing Dave Young / Phish Frye too!)
  19. BUCKET - Jen and Corey plan on being there. And eating a cheesesteak or two in the process!!! And maybe a long island ice tea or two (three max!).
  20. Linda Mills from Podcast User Magazine is looking forward to some local podcamping! (PS: A backchannel for the weekend can be found at The PodCampPhilly Channel on Jaiku)
  21. The Unharshed Mellow - Seuss & Addie Stoked for some good times in the city of brotherly love. Seuss would possibly setup a beer tasting & we're both up for discussing and learning everything and anything.
  22. Whole Lot of Nonsense - Brad P. from NJ Attending, and looking forward to meeting up with some local PodCasters
  23. Doug Kersten - I'm really looking forward to coming! I run the NYC Podcasting Association, podcast at Boatingpodcast.com and work on (PodGLo/email), my company. (PodGLo/email) is planning to announce it's Grand Opening at NYC Podcamp in spring but I want to get everyone's input in Philly!
  24. Kit Mikazuki of the Nante Koto Podcast - Count me in! Looking forward to it!
  25. Nick Francesconi and Dana Walsh-one word. BANGIN!Ducttape Media Network/ Nick and The Chick
  26. Phil McThomas - Soccer Shout Podcast - This will be bloody brilliant!
  27. Steve Stanger from The Mac Attack podcast will be there. Finally a PodCamp I can attend! :)
  28. Michael Sorg from Wrestling Mayhem Show has Podcast Fever.
  29. Justine Ezarik still likes the internet. [email]
  30. Desiree Cramer is forced to attend by Justine Ezarik
  31. groggyjava says i'll cross the delaware from out of east philadelphia to be there -- [e-mail me] if you need help with anything
  32. Chris Cavallari - Founder, President of the New Jersey Podcasters Association and host of The Martini Shot: Moviemaking for Beginners. Looking forward to a Podcamp in my region!
  33. Erik Schark - PR guy for PodCamp Pittsburgh and Something To Be Desired and actor on STBD
  34. Matthew Bischoff - PodcastPeople, Inc.
  35. Jen Yuan from InTheNo: The 1000 Times No Podcast -- Oui, ja, si, da, yes.
  36. Rob Usdin from The Jersey Jamcast I will be there - confirmed and ready!
  37. Jim K from Team K Online and Coal Cracker Radio - I'm in there like swim wear!
  38. Ray Moore from Lost Socks Insanity Podcast
  39. Troy Rauenzahn from podcalamity.com looking forward to it, and the post Podcamp Podparty of course!
  40. Alex Day registrant
  41. Rick Glasby - Count me in. I'd love to learn, share, and maybe offer a session on voice/narration techniques. Let me know if you'd like a copy of the Podcamp Philly audio promo I cut. CrashBang Digital
  42. Mike Taylor (bear)
  43. Vancouver Wedding Photographer (Purple Rose)
  44. Mark Blevis Podcaster (Canadian Podcast Buffet, Electric Sky, Just One More Book) - Podcast evangelist and Consultant/Producer with Third Storey Productions, an audio production company that has Podcasting clients.
  45. Andrea Ross of Just One More Book - hoping to make it.
  46. Steve Lubetkin of Professional Podcasts LLC, producing podcasts for corporate clients such as ACE-INA, NAPL, the trade association for excellence in graphic communications management; and many others. Proud to help with the organizing committee and panels!
  47. Andy Bilodeau Host of the AndyCast and producer of 7 other fine podcasts - Hoping to gather more data for more Uninformed Biographies.
  48. Vivian Vasquez Host of the CLIP Podcast
  49. Jefferson Eng, as (mostly) heard on the Otaku Generation podcast...I also have a blog which is rarely updated these days (I should get around to fixing that *snerk*...)
  50. Ed Brown II, EatIngredients.com -- a podcast and website dedicated to anecdotal cooking as expressed through my poetry and foodstuff listings.
  51. Brian Kelley, co-producer and co-host of Technology and the Arts, a biweekly podcast that explores the connections between technology and art. Will be attending Saturday, Sept. 8.
  52. Robin A. Martin - helping students learn podcasting in the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
  53. Mary Alice Reisse - Co-host of the Better L8 Than Nevr podcast.
  54. Doug Rapson - 30-something geek, husband, and dad. Hear all about it on Geek Acres.
  55. Heidi Stephens - a print-media veteran exploring new frontiers. Driving down from Syracuse, N.Y. Background in newswriting and educational publishing.
  56. MaryHelen Votral - CreativeCamp organizer and creative career advocate
  57. Ken Newquist - web application specialist and co-host of the ITS Coffee Break podcast at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa.
  58. John Romano - Temple student who wants to step-up to the podcasting platform! Stand-up comedy promotions is my scene.
  59. Christopher Schmidt - Part of the Best Damn Tech Show Period crew, POLARiTV.
  60. Tom Kim - blogger
  61. Gene Desepoli - host of the upcoming Medical Massage & Manual Therapy podcast
  62. Bill Palmer - Publisher of iProng (voice of the iPod generation) and co-host of iProng Radio
  63. Renee Bouchard- Theatre professional interested in learning more!
  64. Bruce C - CEO of PodcasterWhosWho.com and host of the new podcasts News For Web Designers and Review Of Podcasts
  65. Michael J. Carrasquillo - Musician, Filmmaker & Creator of "Trials of Being M!K3" and "Wast'n Time with Atomic Brother" Podcasts.
  66. David Tames, Producer, Editor, & Media Technologist, blogging at Kino-Eye.com
  67. John Coffey, Producer of Jimmy CraicHead TV Philadelphia based video podcast about sailing, travel and cocktails.
  68. Dyann Mazzeo - Host of the Dyann Bakes! baking video podcast.
  69. Martoon Leone - Web guy of the Dyann Bakes! baking video podcast.
  70. Jerry Heer - Director/Editor of the Dyann Bakes! baking video podcast.
  71. Kevin Baggs - ExecutiveGeek.ca and INovation
  72. Shamele Jordon - producer and host of Genealogy ON DEMAND, a podcast on genealogy and family reunions.
  73. Susan Cornett- podcasting newbie who wants to learn
  74. Hellene Bankowski educator who loves to motivate students thru the use of technology! Philadelphia University
  75. Pat Sine - teacher educator and very novice podcaster
  76. Donna S - teacher, wanting to use this better in my curriculum
  77. Maria P. -- teacher librarian/media specialist who wants to spread the word.
  78. karen.hartschuh@appo.k12.de.us- educator and professional development planner with limited podcasting experience.
  79. Pamela.Waters@redclay.k12.de.us - educator and professional development planner with limited podcasting experience.
  80. Eric Skiff - Podcaster (altmusic, feltup.tv, and clipiversity) and Community Evangelist at Clipmarks.com
  81. Robert Allen Executive Producer and Holli Ehrlich Co-founder of Wedding Podcast Network. The largest and most comprehensive collection of wedding planning podcasts.
  82. Rick Alcantara
  83. Scott McNulty - Co-host, co-creator, editor of Fork You. Blogger at Blankbaby and TUAW.
  84. Dani and Mer of Living Behind the Curve. Simple. Frugal. Fabulous.
  85. Alex Hillman - web developer, entrepreneur, Independent Philly mover/shaker
  86. Rob Safuto - Director of Marketing at RawVoice. Producer of New York Minute Show and Amazin Moments.
  87. MaryHelen Votral -- career advocate, CreativeCamper
  88. Matthew Snodgrass, VP, Creative Services, Porter Novelli, member of Podcasting Open Metrics Initiative, podcaster
  89. John Swords - New Media Producer, Producer of SecondCast, Rez Nation, and The Grid Review
  90. Mike Bellina - Creative Director, Advertising Lunatic and host of the Rantings of the Advertising Lunatic
  91. Martin Gordon - blogger, recent college grad
  92. John Federico - host and executive producer of On Digital Media
  93. Geoff DiMasi - principal of P'unk Avenue
  94. Stephanie A Fox - exec. producer for Sonivius
  95. Tara Deville - Director of Marketing at WineAccess, always interested in the latest on new media technologies.
  96. Steve Barsh - Bowman Ventures -- Looking to learn more of what's going on in Philly. Invited by Howard Greenstein of The Harbrooke Group.
  97. Chef Mark Tafoya - ReMARKable Palate Podcast and Executive Producer, Culinary Podcast Network , host of Remarkably Mark Podcast "A Chef's Life outside the Kitchen"
  98. Jennifer Iannolo - Food Philosophy Podcast and CEO of Culinary Podcast Network
  99. Ed Evans host of the All Things Fun! Podcast and owner of All Things Fun!
  100. John C. Havens - Blog Talk Radio, Pod Camp NYC, Blog Talk Radio, About.com.
  101. Mandy Fleisher - Director of Communications at Innovation Philadelphia
  102. Kathleen P. King, Podcast for Teachers, Fordham University, Transformation Education LLC
  103. Sharon Sanquist, Transformation Education LLC
  104. Dani Diaz, Microsoft
  105. Cynthia Wallace, www.mediastory.us
  106. Martin Brown High Two records
  107. Stan Schwartz, stan at toonamation dot com, Toonamation - interested in finding photo and video evangelists to help us license our automatic comic/animation tech to photo-sharing, video-sharing, internet TV, social-networking, and photo after-market sites.
  108. Lisa Moore, lisa at toonamation dot com, Toonamation - interested in finding photo and video evangelists to help us license our automatic comic/animation tech to photo-sharing, video-sharing, internet TV, social-networking, and photo after-market sites.
  109. Benet Wilson, the ultimate airport chick at Aviation Daily/Aviation Week and the Towers and Tarmacs blog
  110. Chris Stanchak - President of TicketLeap, a web-based ticketing platform for small to mid-size events & the founder of Skoolhouse which was the original user created content audio site, founded in 1998.
  111. Annie Boccio, annie AT pixelcurrents.com Pixel Currents and banannie.com/blog, WordPress wrangler & designer
  112. Ali Stafford - alexandra's kitchen
  113. Jen, Co-Moordinator, Purple Cow Brainstormng Circle: Is Your Idea the Next Tipping Point?
  114. Karen Pilling, Senior Manager, Community, Comcast.net (Comcast Interactive Media)
  115. Yvonne Jones, Online Community Producer, Comcast.net (Comcast Interactive Media)
  116. Eddie James, Sr. Information Architect, Comcast Interactive Media, oh, and I blog at eddiejames.com , ziddio.com , and other places
  117. Chelsea Badeau, Managing Editor, Comcast.net (Comcast Interactive Media)
  118. Cathy Larkin, Artful Communications PR Consultant and my new blog "Get Creative close to home of wherever you roam!": theartfultraveler.wordpress.com
  119. Germaine Irwin, educator, podcast enthusiast, blogger
  120. Shahrooz Bhopti, Chief Connection Officer, Next Wave Network / 1-88-Vision-Leads (IT Infrastructure Consultants and On Demand Hosting) /
  121. Michael Klusek aka The Blog King Haven't done a podcast yet but most likely will be in future.
  122. Christian Pilling, Editorial Intern, Comcast.net/Game Invasion
  123. Anna Goldfarb, Managing Editor, Philebrity.tv
  124. Kyle Ruffin, Marketing Director, KYW Newsradio
  125. Steve Butler, Director of News & Programming, KYW Newsradio
  126. Bill Roswell, Director of Digital News & Media, KYW Newsradio
  127. Mark Juliano, Senior VP, TalkShoe
  128. Bill Rowland, PhillyFoodGuys
  129. Darrin Dishong, Podcaster 2 1/2 years and 560 shows and counting Darrin Dishong's Drive Home
  130. Robert Karl, School District of Philadelphia podcasts, host of Olde City Philadelphia podcasts
  131. Rand Bradbury, Best Damn Tech Show, Period, the RoadieShow, POLARiTV, Dinkum Studios...
  132. Rita Sorrentino, a teacher in School District of Philadelphia, a podcast beginner wanting to learn more.
  133. Dora E DeLeon, School District of Philadelphia, Media Specialist, podcast, W.S. Peirce H.S., The Effects of Bullying in Our Schools, April 2007
  134. Francis Wooby, Wooby Communications, formerly a lot of podcasters' "northern most listener" now in from the tundra and looking forward to meeting these many new and familiar voices in person
  135. Kenneth Kay Instructional Tech
  136. Stasia DeMarco, freelance journalist, podcaster, professor at Drexel
  137. Anne Tenaglia, Philly Teacher and producer of Stand Up Radio Podcast
  138. William J. Hayes, Esq. Founder, The Hayes Firm
  139. Emily W. Adeshigbin, School District of Philadelphia, Computer Teacher/Technology Teacher Leader, C.W.Henry School, new to podcasting!
  140. krodoff, CFF Coach, Springfield Township High School
  141. Joan, Trainer for all types of subjects. I am looking forward to the learning about podcasting.
  142. Amy D. Wohl, amy@wohl.com, Information Industry Analyst and blogger. I want to start podcasting on my new web site which is under construction.
  143. Bill Mooney, bmooney@temple.edu...School of Communications and Theater. Last month's blogphiladelphia uncon was outstanding!
  144. Dejan Trajkovic, Marketing from Switzerland.
  145. Paul Rj Muller: Host of The CaffiNation PodCast Technologist, University IT Worker, Coffee Addict, Looking to make contacts and get learn some new tricks.
  146. Yi-Fan Chen, new to podcasting!
  147. Eboni McLeod, I want to learn more about podcasting. Thanks Professor Mooney for the listserve heads up. May see you there.
  148. Myra Nelson Teacher, Masterman HS
  149. Robert Rivera-Amezola
  150. Kathryn Velvel Jones, in pre-production for my live webisode with my company synchronis.tv, and producer and host of the now on hiatus podcast Question of the Week.
  151. Annie Heckenberger, Social Media Director for GPTMC, contributor to uwishunu and accountable for the not-frequently-enough-updated blog PikPR. Also the insanity behind the random twitters of "annierocks" and more focused twitters of "BlogPhilly." Motto: "Don't hate me because I Twitter."
  152. Bart Mroz PhillyTIP
  153. Roz Duffy = stellargirl.com and part of the Fork You crew.
  154. C.C. Chapman - Coming on down to enjoy the good people and the good cheese steaks! And of course representing crayon,Managing the Gray,Accident Hash and One Guy's Thoughts.
  155. Samuel A. Reed III, Teacher Beeber Middle School
  156. Neil Kleinman, dean, College of Media & Communication at The University of the Arts. Check out our website at cmac.uarts.edu
  157. Susan Reynolds & SL alter-ego Tynan Clary from Case Notes from the Artsy Asylum blog and twittering incessantly at twitter New media consultant / evangelist in an old media body
  158. Wayne SilvermanCheck out my blog at Creative Meanderings
  159. Mary McCool, Theatre Artist, www.newparadiselaboratories.org
  160. D Michael Blackie, Logan News Group http://xanga.com/Mencken "Enter The 'Spin Zone': How the News is 'Created'" ... Also Public Affairs, Promotions: http://www.gtownradio.com [ E:
  161. Chuck Stanley, Producer, Co-host of the EaglesFanCast; a new podcast from three fans' take on the Philadelphia Eagles
  162. Denis Sinelnikov, Managing Director of Media Components; a website / blog design company in Bucks County & Philadelphia
  163. Mike Smith, Host of the Mike Tech Show podcast MikeTechShow.com
  164. Steve Burgess, Podcast Enthusiast Mediadude in the Ozone
  165. Zakiya Carter aka Sibbia, Philly vendor, blogger and new podcaster Seeing is Believing and Believing is Achieving
  166. Rosemary Burke, Elementary and Middle School Teacher, Philadelphia Public School District, rburke333@yahoo.com
  167. Michelle Freeman, Events and Media Programs, Campus Philly, I need to get in the know with this web lingo! michelle@campusphilly.org
  168. Jaison Smulski, aspiring T-shirt maker and certified graphic designer
  169. Jim McCusker - (CTO/Founder, Redlasso) Will be there showing off Redlasso's broadcast media search, clipping and syndication platform!
  170. Mike Rempfer New Media representative for Beholder Productions
  171. Cassandra King, webmaster - Widener Law,
  172. Gary Grissom, web specialist Community College of Philadelphia
  173. Julie Allmayer, instructional technologist at Drexel University/Drexel University College of Law
  174. Matthew Bischoff, Web Strategist at PodcastPeople.com
  175. Doug Taylor, CEO of PodcastPeople.com
  176. Matthew Orenshaw, Media Developer at PodcastPeople.com
  177. Jeffrey A. Gordon, creator of Jeff Gyr's Birding Podcast jeffgyr.com
  178. Joseph Cambareri, Drexel Student
  179. Christopher Nies, Drexel Student/Aspiring Podcaster
  180. Paul Kontonis, CEO, For Your Imagination
  181. John Henkel, VP Artist and Industry Relations, For Your Imagination
  182. Kathy Doucette, World Resources Institute
  183. Kristin Motta, CM Access Creative Staffing Services and new media newbie
  184. Lewis Moten, creator of Dreamy Audio podcast as well as Blue Hair podcast from Second Life.
  185. Oliver Picher, hi-tech public relations wonk, exploring new worlds and new media. Never podcasted, but I recently created a wiki directory of Philadelphia networking groups and started my FunWithNetworking blog, so maybe I'll be inspired to podcast too.
  186. Marty West. I am Philadelphia. Blog.
  187. Jim Clavin. Philadelphia Suburbs blogger. Blog.
  188. Justin Premick, Education Team and Blogger, AWeber
  189. Marc Kline, Education Team and Blogger, AWeber
  190. David Yoslov, Drexel Student
  191. Howard Schumacher, relentless self-improving Mac and UNIX maven, and I know people
  192. Quincy McDonald, The McGraw-Hill Companies. Attending and presenting.
  193. Charles Attle will be attending.
  194. George Cabalo would like to attend.
  195. Jan Richard would like to attend.
  196. Celeste Stewart would like to attend.
  197. Jacqui Harris would like to attend.
  198. Steve Mandzik from a face for podcasting and the the social software movement would like to attend.
  199. Barbara Kountouzi, Penn librarian, will be there!
  200. Robert Cagna of the University of Pennsylvania says, "I'm looking forward to it!"
  201. Matt Ulmer, beloved and admired friend of organizer Adam "Aloysius" Plante, would be honored and delighted to attend.
  202. Naomi Kaminsky would like to attend
  203. K. Ashinhurst would like to attend.
  204. Kris Smith, VP, New Media, Room 214, podcasting from Croncast - From Cool to Cul De Sac, Capture The Conversation
  205. Fran Newberg, Educational Technology, School District of Philadelphia
  206. Steve Wyshywaniuk, from AliveinBagdad.org and AliveinMexico.org will be attending and presenting.
  207. Brian Conley, from AliveinBagdad.org and AliveinMexico.org will be attending and presenting.
  208. Josh Cohen from Tilzy.TV will most certainly be attending and possibly presenting.
  209. Barbara Minton would like to attend
  210. Adam Ostrow of Mashable and MindSay will likely be attending.
  211. Rama Attaluri would like to attend
  212. John Suder, Principal, Resolve Media Visual Communications
  213. Rosie A TWiT would love to attend and can't wait, taking the turnpike from Jersey!
  214. Jessica Clark, Research Director, Center for Social Media
  215. Tracy Van Slyke, Program Coordinator, The Media Consortium
  216. Paul Fleming of Best Damn Tech Show, E-Verse Radio and Dinkum Interactive will most certainly be floating around making a nuisance of himself.
  217. Nick Gibson, Will be attending.
  218. Christine Cavalier would like to attend
  219. Alex Gilbert will be representing another 1/3 of P'unk Avenue.
  220. Sean Cohen, Director of Client Relations and Development, AWeber Communications
  221. Marisa McClellan, co-host of Fork You is planning on attending.
  222. Ernest Hilbert, host of E-Verse Radio will be there.
  223. Joe Hauckes of Working at Home on the Internet and My Computer Back in Service will be there and I hope to see some familiar faces.
  224. Rick Simmons of Dinkum Interactive Your Internet Marketing Experts.
  225. Steve Garfield of SteveGarfield.com , Vlog Soup , Spices of Life and Rocketboom.com .
  226. Jeff Lyons, co-host of UsedWigs Radio will be partaking in the fun.
  227. Todd Marrone, co-host of UsedWigs Radio will also be there.
  228. Russ Starke, co-host of UsedWigs Radio will also be there avoiding his other two cohosts.
  229. Jesse Taylor, thinking about starting a podcast or vidcast.
  230. Steve Carallo - Videographer for the Dyann Bakes! baking video podcast.
  231. Ronnie Lee Grissom, Web Production Associate for Verve Internet Solutions
  232. Joan Smith, associate director of InLiquid.com, writer, & independent curator
  233. Joel Mark Witt from FolkMedia.org and MarylandZoo.TV will be attending and presenting.
  234. Hong-Mei Li from eLIT will be attending.
  235. Michelle Barton, Technology Prep. Teacher and Technology Teacher Leader, Edward Gideon Elementary School
  236. Charles Hope, blip.tv
  237. Grace Piper, fearlesscooking.tv
  238. Jim Stogdill, author Limn This will attend on Sunday
  239. Paul Vogelzang- Porter-Novelli, also Producer- [http://www.mommycast.com"Mommycast.com]
  240. Gretchen Vogelzang- Co-Host, Mommycast.com
  241. Paige Heninger-Co-Host, Mommycast.com, Co-Host, Veronica Mars Rewind.
  242. Lauren Galanter - Filmmaker, video editor, photographer, and aspiring vlogger looking to learn and get involved. laurengalanter.com
  243. Maria Tessa Sciarrino - Blogger, DJ for WPRB 103.3 FM (Princeton, NJ) and graduate student in Broadcasting, Telecommunication & Mass Media at Temple University
  244. Seth Palmer - Director of Operations, Comcast Interactive Media: Ziddio.com; author, Surviving Leukemia
  245. Keith Albright (keith at acoupleofadmins dot com) from A Couple Of Admins Podcasting 
  246. Grant Brunner & Marty Keefe from ISPN Media are heading to their second Podcamp in one month.
  247. Mary Jane Martin plans to attend.
  248. Shannon Myers will attend.
  249. Jessica Gold Haralson of Nerve.com's Video Blog and Penn's gossip blog Penn: On the Record plans to attend. jessicagoldharalson.com
  250. Bob Leedom of Northeast Philly, (Audio Producer/Personal Historian) will attend Saturday & Sunday. rwleedom@comcast.net
  251. David R. Bell, Wharton School of Business- interested in Social Contagion on the Internet.
  252. Fei Wang, Geospatial Visualization Consultant. gis1stop@gmail.com
  253. Lenny Fuchs - National Sales Mgr., Blogger and Podcaster, magazine for "Aspiring New Media Titans"
  254. Chris Kretz of Dowling Library Omnibus
  255. Paul Boehm - 86 year old technology geek --would love someone to help me record my first video podcast at the conference
  256. Darryl Rentz (rentzd at dskms dot com) - Best looking man attending podcamp
  257. Ron Boehm (rboehm at iname dot com) will attend.
  258. Diane Egger (diane dot egger at sju dot edu) from SJU
  259. Nathan Gasser (gmail dot com at nategasser)
  260. Stan Genkin - Blogger and Podcaster the magazine for "Aspiring New Media Titans"
  261. Ed Mazzilli - The Maz Disney Blog I also have a family Blog.
  262. Carol Heinsdorf, producer and director of Roberto Clemente Middle School (School District of Philadelphia, PA) podcasts
  263. Mike Cronce, Quadra-Tec Computer Services
  264. Kristen Stanya, guest (Mike Cronce)
  265. Debbie Elnahas (email: kathyd (at) wri (dot) org).
  266. Michelle Ray
  267. Kate Toy, Garfield Group Public Relations, ktoy(at)garfieldgroup(dot)com
  268. Mark Perlman - Educational Technologist, School District of Philadelphia
  269. Loretta Burton, Central High School, School District of Philadelphia
  270. Eric Greenberg, The Wharton School, UPenn.
  271. Bruce Kaminsky, KYDD Bass, Inc.
  272. Greg Gershman, Blogdigger.com and HPProgs.com
  273. Sarah Falk, Saint Joseph's University "sarah (dot) falk (at) sju (dot) edu
  274. Erika Rosenwinkel, Saint Joseph's University "erika (dot) Rosenwinkel (at) sju (dot) edu
  275. Danielle Gonzales, Saint Joseph's University "dg356192 (at) sju (dot) edu
  276. Joshua Rothstein, Student Teacher, Masterman HS.
  277. Russell Sarkis, PhillyFoodGuy, aspiring new media god and beer sponge
  278. Susan Zalenski PhillyFoodGuy, Manic Information Professional
  279. Tushar Mody, PhillyFoodGuy, Evil Super Genius and Procrastinator
  280. Steve Fisher, Metaverse Media and Startup Spark, Blogger and Budding Podcaster
  281. Mark Schoneveld - Blogger: The Poverty Jet Set Video blogger: Cheap Dates Video Podcast Community Manager: XLNTads
  282. Chuck Sacco, CEO of the Philly-based mobile-marketing startup, PhindMe.
  283. Aaron Brazell, Director of Technology, b5media
  284. Cat Lambson, Blogger: Desperate Working Momma; Podcaster/Writer/Producer: Technogeekery.com and Veronica Mars Rewind.
  285. Nicole Brazell, nbrazell(at)gmail(dot)com
  286. Dave Young / Purple Stripe Productions (listed w/#16, but thought he may need his own entry)
  287. Caroline Kelley - St. Joseph's University; Caroline (dot) kelley (at) sju (dot) edu
  288. Dawn Marie Fichera; dawn(dot)myers(at)villanova(dot)edu
  289. Jean-Claude Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry and E-Learning Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences at Drexel - will do a session on Drexel Island on Second Life (also see my blog and podcast)
  290. Jaan Lutter (http://jaansworld.podshow.com) host of Jaan's World a music mix cast, and fan contact me eesti65 at gmail.com
  291. Tiiu Lutter "A fan"
  292. Samantha Hunsecker - I need to attent for a project I am doing for a Marketing class at St. Joe's. sh333633 (at) sju (dot) edu
  293. Jackson West -- NewTeeVee, looking forward to covering as press - jacksonwest at gmail dot com.
  294. Bruce E. Segal, Co-host, producer and writer, The New Media Hour. Bruce (at) ScoopFree (dot) com
  295. Kenyatta Cheese, Co-Producer Rocketboom, kenyatta (at) rocketboomdomain
  296. Jamie Wilkinson, Developer Rocketboom jamie (at) rocketboomdomain
  297. David Beaudouin, Managing Director & Creative Strategist, DB+C david (at) dbnc (dot) com. Attending Saturday only.
  298. Mallory Gerber
  299. Stephanie Janes, Drexel Student
  300. Nick Croce, Professional People Connector at CM Access
  301. Frank Neill, Media Sales Professional.
  302. Ken Hartman, Drexel University Online-Drexel University
  303. Erik Poole, Director of Instructional Technology, LeBow College of Business
  304. Matt McKeon, Director, Systems Design & Development, LeBow College of Business
  305. Alan Hecht, Sr. Instructional Technologist, LeBow College of Business
  306. Blake Jennelle, CEO of Anthillz, Internet Startup in Philadelphia
  307. Kunal Shah, Web Developer at Anthillz, Internet Startup in Philadelphia
  308. Murugan Anandarajan, Drexel University
  309. Gabriel Farrell, Library Systems Developer, Drexel University, gsf24@drexel.edu
  310. Justin Flax, Wharton School, UPENN - Assoc. Director of Design and Special Projects
  311. Chris Parandian, Co-Developer - http://www.mobilediner.com/
  312. Frank Roche, Managing Partner, iFractal LLC -- http://www.ifractal.com; writer at KnowHR Blog -- http://www.knowhr.com/blog; my eponymous blog, Frank -- http://www.frankroche.com/blog
  313. Colin Devroe - Community Evangelist Viddler.com
  314. Howard Greenstein - Social Media Strategist and Evangelist, the Harbrooke Group, Organizing Committee, PodcampNYC . I'll be in Philly on Sunday only. My Podcast is "A Chat and a Song."
  315. Lisa Minetti, Curriculum Specialist at Penn's College of General Studies
  316. Hareesh Chandrupatla, Gulo Media
  317. Lamarr Kendrick
  318. Laura Deutch, Temple University
  319. Brady Russell, of Young Philly Politics, Organizer with the Philadelphia Unemployment Project and Podiobook author.
  320. Scott Hemmons, Wannabe
  321. Art Gossack
  322. Nick Gossack
  323. Pete Berol, Eastern University,Strategic Alliances
  324. Kevin Tinsley
  325. V.S. Bethea, II will be attend with a guest, this better be on jiggy party Gentlemen.
  326. Lee Gibbons, CEO of Podango.com I will be in Philly Fri. evening and Sat. only.
  327. Cartwright Reed, iofy
  328. Timothy Allen / FlipperPA Peregrine, Peregrine Salon, Second Life, SLCC
  329. Darren Morze, Trouble Everyday
  330. Ximena Varela, Research Director of the Graduate Arts Administration Program at Drexel University, will be there on Sunday
  331. Mark Gillespie, Producer/Host, WhiskyCast -- the Cask-Strength Podcast
  332. Sarah Chambers, CEO, iFractal LLC -- http://www.ifractal.com; writer at KnowHR Blog --http://www.knowhr.com/blog
  333. Angelia Kane, Editor, Mommy Mastermind -- Will be there on Saturday--
  334. harrypotterprogs@yahoo.com, Podcaster, HPProgs.com
  335. Ruth Kalinka, www.ruthkalinka.com, Web and Graphic Designer
  336. Vivek Chaudhuri, eDesigntree, New Media Marketing Strategy
  337. Karl Bauer www.kgbproductions.com,
  338. Ted Henson
  339. Jodi McClees, Little Elm Press
  340. Kathy Dibling, novice podcaster in media relations
  341. Mike Burns, Managing Director, Guggenheim Venture Partners
  342. Debbie Chadi, Analyst, Guggenheim Venture Partners
  343. Craig Ormson
  344. Jaclyn Dooling, student journalist
  345. Nashid Woodson
  346. Jonny Goldstein (Saturday only) host and producer of live web video talkshow Jonny's Par-tay. Cofounder DC Media Makers. jonny.goldstein(at)gmail.com
  347. Jeff Haines, Multimedia journalist and storyteller
  348. Caroline Bean, national media relations, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (gophila.com and uwishunu.com)
  349. Susan Walsh, Executive Director, NAS Recruitment Communications. www.nasrecruitment.com . Interested in finding out about Jobs in Pods, podcasting for job searches, and reaching college students through pods and vcasts. swalsh@nasrecruitment.com
  350. Marjorie Blumenthal, Teacher PSD, would like to attend
  351. Jean Plough, jplough (at) phila (dot) k12 (dot) pa (dot) us, Computer Teacher, Dunbar School
  352. Phil Shapiro, pshapiro@his.com Washington DC-educator -- citizen journalism activist, satirist, musician
  353. R.N. Jurgenson, starfleet@starpower.net, wdc 202.588.9055, photojournalist - I was thrilled at the prospect of attending podcampphilly and I tried to reschedule a photo coverage but the client could not reschedule. May be I can get a briefing via e-mail from anyone (?). Cheers, RNJ
  354. Norman Huelsman, Co-Organizer of PodCamp Pittsburgh
  355. Mary Parks, aspiring pod-caster and multimedia specialist
  356. Salas Saraiya (salasks /at yahoo d.t com) wants to go on Friday/Saturday.
  357. G. Loie Grossmann, Philly New Media, web designer & photoArtist
  358. David Haugaard, Philly New Media, writer & editor
  359. Nancy B. Matlack, Technology Teacher SDP
  360. Libby Carswell, uwishunu, GPTMC
  361. Christopher Bogs, College Houses & Academic Services, Univ. of Pennsylvania (cbogs at pobox dot upenn dot edu)
  362. Bill Steinke, Technology Teacher Leader, SDP, Feltonville Arts and Sciences
  363. Dane Atkinson, Founder, foryourimagination and all around friend fan to podcasting
  364. Nicole Mata, set design, at foryourimagination
  365. Liana "Li" Evans (li (at) keyrelevance (dot) com), Director of Internet Marketing for KeyRelevance and Editor/Owner of Search Marketing Gurus
  366. Amy Johnson, outreach & member services for MiND TV, www.mindtv.org (part of WYBE TV, channel 35)
  367. Debora Weber, Web Developer, Penn Vet weberd (at) vet (dot) upenn (dot) edu
  368. Ron David, http://www.rondavid.com Saturday/Sunday, writer, narrator, yarnspinner and podcaster. Oh shucks, just when I was about to fly over I was called for a gig, well the good news is I will make money, the bad news is that I will miss you guys.
  369. Robert M. Lipshutz, Esquire
  370. Andy Coon, Independent Filmmaker & Director of ConvergeSouth Film Festival Looking for entries from vloggers and citizen journalists. Deadline is September 25th, 2007.
  371. Francesca Alexander, { francesca (dot) alexander (at) sju (dot) edu }
  372. Rod Murray - check out Rod's Pulse Podcast, a podcast on podcasting and other e-learning technologies for students, faculty and staff
  373. Dan Tabor (dantabor (at) comcast.com) - from www.OtakuGeneration.net
  374. Dan Cornett - interested in putting events' audio on-line in easily digested chunks.
  375. Janice Farley, technology teacher at William Tennent HS, Warminster.
  376. Warren Holmes
  377. Bob Farley - Janice's helper, and also Operations Manager at National Analysts Worldwide, Philadelphia, PA.
  378. Shannon Hall
  379. Jennifer Farley
  380. Deirdre Littlejohn- Co- host/producer of Brown Girl Radio at Temple Uniiversity. Ready to learn how to podcast their socially conscious music/talk shows worldwide! Cure for the Common
  381. Bill Slawski, bill (at) seobythesea (dot) com.
  382. eric hebert, eric AT evolvor.com
  383. Mike VanHelder, mvanhelder (at) gmail (dot) com
  384. Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder AWeber Communications, Inc.
  385. Kathy Curnow, Art Historian, curnow (at) sas (dot) upenn (dot) edu
  386. Jackie Dawsey, Computer Science Teacher, dawsey (at) phila (dot) k12 (dot) pa (dot) us
  387. Tanya Finney, Information Specialist/Librarian and blogger My Philadelphia 
  388. Leah Lage, Marketing at Casemate Publishing and podcast enthusiast
  389. aparker@phillynews.com, curious MSMer (www.philly.com)
  390. eric tomorrow, of the mediocre show might swing by to steal seuss and addie's beer. or he might not, you never know.
  391. Tom DeMaio will be following eric tomorrow around hoping some of the 'funny' will rub off - literally.
  392. Veronica Wentz, Director, gophila.com, GPTMC
  393. Marsha Hurst marsha.s.hurst@gmail.com
  394. Diane Walsh, Associate Prof at Uarts in College of Media & Communication, dwalsh (at) uarts (dot) edu
  395. Neal R. Voron, nvoron (at) voron (dot) com, Voron Communications and RyKy Records (tm) , looking to develop PhillyPod.com and other podcast-related sites. See my goals for attending PodCamp Philly!
  396. Travis Bryant
  397. Ravi Gupta, Founder of PEACE IN YOUR HAND ( new approach based on latest scientific, medical, historical research) to help individuals, organizations, and communities solve conflicts & achiev their best. All Web media enthusiasts & experts interested in helping as missionaries/evangalists welcomed ....I'd love to learn about Blogging, PodCasting, Videocasting, etc E-mail RaviCG (a t ) patmedia ( d o t) net.
  398. Colleen Navatier
  399. Bre Pettis - I Make Things
  400. Jim MacMillan, - career photojournalist, beginning video podcaster.
  401. Ron Evry from Mister Ron's Basement 840 episodes so far -- will try to make it in on Sunday only.
  402. Matt Eckman - trying to make it Sunday am, .
  403. Marc Robinson - On my way
  404. Evan Rivard from Tanning Salons - Evan.Rivard at gmail.com - I'll be there!!
  405. Matthew Snodgrass - Porter Novelli, Association for Downloadable Media, and The Dave and Matt Show. Looking forward to going back to Philly.
  406. August Jackson: Competitive Intelligence Podcast, blog, august (at) augustjackson (dot) net. Saturday is iffy, and I'll be there on Sunday. Really looking forward to it!



Sorry, Can't Make It

  1. John Wall - Producer of The M Show - news talk and entertainment- Sorry guys, I'm gearing up to move to the new house, have a blast!
  2. Andrew Joslyn - Blogger, Podcast listener. My Photo-A-Day Blog
  3. Joe Posusney, Marketing and want to begin podcasting. -Sorry, I'll catch it next time.
  4. Chris Brogan... - (tentatively) and as a participant, okay? : )
  5. Eric Rochow creator of the video podcasts Gardenfork.tv (cooking, gardening, and other stuff), and Real World Green practical tips to reduce your impact on the earth. SORRY can't make it, will be at the Boston PodCamp.
  6. -Leesa Barnes-- - Author of Podcasting for Profit & Host of Podonomics.- Sorry guys, but I can't make it afterall. Have fun without me and I'll see you in Boston.
  7. Mark Juliano - Head of Marketing at TalkShoe which helps make interactive podcasts.
  8. Ron David@gmail.com, and http://www.rondavid.com - Dawn Patrol Productions, broadcaster/narrator, podcaster et cetera. Oh shucks, just when I was about to fly over I was called for a gig, well the good news is I will make money, the bad news is that I will miss you guys.
  9. Jon Von Nieda - I run betajunk podcast and would like to attend. jon@vonnieda.com


***Space and resources are limited. First come, first served.**

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