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Rich Meals for Poor Times Recipes


Recipe goals:


  • They gotta be cheap.
  • Easy to do would be good, especially for people who aren't necessarily used to cooking.
  • They have to be basically nutritious.


Someone had thrown out there the idea to index everything to food stamps. The government says a family of 4 can get by on $576/month for food, or roughly $19/day, so let's make that the target. Another catch - we have to respect copyright, so either the creator of the recipe has to publish it in here, it has to be so common it's unlicensable (i.e. simple bread made with salt, flour, yeast, and water has a nearly indefensible public domain status), or it has to be traceable to before the public domain date (1923) as prior art.


What's the best way to lay out our recipes? By meal?


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Other


By food group?


  • Starches
  • Proteins
  • Sugars


Anyone got any ideas? What will be most practical for the end user?


    • As we add recipes in, let's try to quantify as best as we can what the cost is and list it **


Sample recipes list:




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