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PodCamp Philly



Add Badges to your blog to help promote Podcamp Philly 2007.


Go to PodCampPhilly.com/badges for badges.


Add top ten reasons to your blog!




The following folks from the community are helping promote Podcamp Philly 2007.


Add our Name to the List when you prmote PodCamp Philly on your blog or Podcast!

The wiki password is share



A BIG Thank you to all for pitching in.


PodCamp promoters

(We recommend the following format: Name, Link to your blog, About yourself)


New, shorter audio promo for PodCamp Philly We've produced a new 30 second promo for PodCamp Philly. If you have a podshow, help us promote the un-conference by including the promo in your shows for the next couple weeks. You can download it from http://music.podshow.com (log in as a podcaster, and then search for "podcamp"). Or shoot me an email: rick.glasby@verizon.net and I'll send it to you.

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