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Who’s Behind PodCamp Philly?



Whitney Hoffman (Lead Organizer) is the principal of Hoffman Omnimedia, a new media consulting

company and produces several podcasts, including The LD Podcast (www.ldpodcast.com) about learning

disabilities, as well as OB-GYN To Go for resident physician education. Whitney was a principal

organizer of PodCamp NYC and consults for the PodCamp Foundation.



Bill Rowland (Organizer) is a general manager, marketer and new media enthusiast who writes and

produces the PhillyFoodGuys Podcast (http://phillyfoodguys.com). Energized by his podcasting and

blogging experience, Bill is excited to share his knowledge of blogging, podcasting and online marketing

with businesses that look to develop an effective online marketing presence.


Steve Lubetkin (Organizer) is the managing partner of Lubetkin & Co. LLC, a diversified public

relations, Internet broadcasting, and communications consulting practice (http://www.lubetkin.net">http://www.lubetkin.net). As a

wholly owned subsidiary, Professional Podcasts LLC (http://www.professionalpodcasts.com">http://www.professionalpodcasts.com) provides podcasting services of superior quality to

businesses, such as ACE-INAInsurance, Rutgers University and the Public Relations Society of

America. In addition, the firm also produces its own podcasts covering public relations, computer

technology, bond ratings, and interviews with book authors (http://feeds.feedburner.com/MiddleChamberBooks).


Adam Plante (Organizer) Adam Plante (Organizer) is an ITConsultant and Web Developer specializing

in new media and related technologies. As a Philadelphia-based free lancer, Adam's skill set of

"acronym soup" (PHP, MySQL, XML, etc.) is a result of his IT-based career, multimedia production

background and studies at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He also appears on or produces podcasts

such as The Best Damn Tech Show Period (www.bestdamntech.com) and The Roadie Show



Lisa B. Marshall (aka People Skills Pro)helps organizations communicate more effectively. Coming in July, 2008 - People Skills Pro show host quick and dirty tips for better workplace communication. Communication expert, Lisa provides seminars, workshops and private consulting to help professionals be engaging, impressive and persuasive every time they communicate. Described as passionate, highly interactive and energetic, Lisa has worked with organizations such as the University of Pennsylvania,Genentech, Inc. and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. To learn more visit www.lisabmarshall.com , www.artofspeakingscience.com , www.quickanddirtytips.com


Alex Hillman (Organizer) is a freelance web developer(www.weknowhtml.com), consultant and

entrepreneur based in sunny Philadelphia. Aco-working Evangelist, Alex founded Independents Hall

(www.independentshall.org) , a collaborative community and workspace populated by independent

creatives. Furthermore, Alex routinely infects others with his enthusiasm for Philly as the driving force

behind multiple professional groups, social media and technology events, not to mention Twitter.


And Special Thanks to the following folks who have ALSO contributed and organized this event!


Alan Chaess of Otaku Generation

Jennifer Yuan of 1,000 Times No

Linda Mills of Podcast User Magazine

Patti Rowland, wife of Bill, who got her arm twisted into helping!

Drew Olanoff of Plugg'd

Larry Lawfer of Your Stories


and all the other volunteers!


P.S. We are very sorry if we didn't mention you by name, we had so much help it was hard to keep track!



If you meet one of the organizers, be sure to say "thank-you"

(and then ask if there is something you can do to help! )

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